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Pop the Cork, Not the Ketchup: Father’s Day Pairings He’ll want to Toast

Pop the Cork, Not the Ketchup: Father’s Day Pairings He’ll want to Toast

by the 5VINES Team – Imagery by Adobe Stock

Father’s Day is the perfect time to express your appreciation for the special dads in your life. While a backyard barbecue is always enjoyable, consider elevating this year’s celebration with a memorable culinary adventure. Treat him to a multi-course meal featuring the finest seasonal ingredients, expertly paired with complementary wines that enhance the flavors of each dish.

Imagine your dad savouring succulent seafood appetizers, perfectly grilled steaks, or tender vegetarian creations in a sophisticated atmosphere. Whether dining at a renowned restaurant or enjoying a bespoke experience at home, this thoughtful gesture will create lasting memories, deepen your bond, and leave your dad feeling truly cherished.


  • Savory Salmon: A beautifully seared salmon pairs wonderfully with a crisp, slightly buttery Chardonnay. The wine’s richness complements the fish’s fatty texture, creating heavenly harmony. For an even more decadent treat, try an oak-aged Chardonnay.
    • Try the NOVELLUM CHARDONNAY from Rousillon, France. Quite an aromatic chardonnay here, with discerning notes of sliced green apples, melon and lemon zest. Round and textured, with simple apple pith and nectarines in the pristine yet flavorful palate. Lots of fruit in the round, medium-to full-bodied palate. Drink now. Score – 91. (Source:, May 9, 2023).
    • Price: $24.70 plus GST/dep. Click on image to purchase.
  • Light and Fresh Ceviche: Summertime calls for something bright and refreshing like ceviche. Pair it with a zesty Sauvignon Blanc. The wine’s citrus and grassy notes will accentuate the ceviche’s fresh flavors. For an adventurous twist, look for a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand with its characteristic passion fruit aroma.
    • Try the BABICH SAUVIGNON BLANC. Pale yellow; floral, passion fruit, citrus and herbal notes; balanced acidity with bright citrus flavours.
    • Price: $24.70 plus GST/dep. Click on the image to purchase.


Elegant Lamb Chops: For dads who favour a bolder protein, grilled lamb chops are an excellent choice. Look for a robust red wine to match this powerful dish. A Cabernet Sauvignon with its tannins and deep berry flavors stands up beautifully to the lamb. For a unique and elegant pairing, try an Italian Barolo, famous for its powerful yet refined character.

Try the Beni di Batasiolo 2016 Barolo which shows pretty brightness with an easy, near-term personality. The bouquet is filled with red cherry, cassis and dried currant. The wine presents a classic Nebbiolo profile with wild berry fruit, camphor ash and pretty highlights of cured tobacco and rust. In the mouth, it offers mild intensity over a mid-weight palate. Drink Date: 2022 – 2030. – (Source: Wine Advocate)

Price: $37.00 + gst/dep(click on image to purchase.) Click on the image to purchase.

Mushroom Delights: Vegetarians don’t have to miss out! Grilled mushrooms such as Chanterelles, Portobello or Oyster offer a wonderful meaty texture. Pair them with an earthy Pinot Noir. The mushroom’s umami will harmonize with the wine’s subtle forest floor notes for a surprisingly satisfying match.

Try the Bender Pinot Noir. Warm, ripe flavours with a complex finish. An eye opener for anyone who does not think that Germany can produce outstanding red wines. The Pinot Noir with its warmth and pleasant berry flavours helps to unwind. Enjoy it with a nice book in front of a fireplace – its light smoky flavours will marry well with aromas of a crackling fire.

Price: $26.70 + gst/dep. Click on the image to purchase.


  • Classic Pasta Night: Take Dad on a culinary journey to Italy with a homemade pasta feast. For a rich tomato-based sauce, opt for a Chianti with its bright acidity and cherry flavors. Pesto fans will love the herbaceous notes of an Italian Vermentino, a white wine full of fresh basil and pine nut aromas.
    • Try with a Chianti DOCG Zimbato by Ejamu. A quintessential and beautifully crafted Chianti. An intense ruby red appearance with a bounding bouquet of violets sour cherries, wild berries and a distinctly floral aroma.
 On the palate the wine is full, round, and soft, embracing the mid-palate like a hug from an old friend. A persistent floral fruitiness characterizes the charming taste with long silky tannins devoid of any astringency. Truly a treat with most prototypical Italian fare — pizza, red sauce, polpette, you name it. – (Source: Vino al Vino).

Price: $30.00 + gst/dep. Click on the image to purchase.

  • Pizza Perfection: Keep it casual yet delicious with a pizza party! If you’re going the traditional route with pepperoni and sausage, an Italian Sangiovese is a great choice. For a white pizza or vegetarian variations, try a Pinot Grigio. Its crispness will cut through richer toppings.
    • Try with Kris Pinot Grigio: Ironically, “grigio” means “gray” in Italian, which couldn’t be further from the truth in the case of KRIS, which is bursting with colourful aromas and flavors developed in high vineyards of the Veneto region. With enticing aromas of acacia flowers, lime, tangerine and hints of apricots and almonds, KRIS Pinot Grigio is bold but clean and refreshing on the palate, and offers a long finish tinged with orange blossom and honey.

      Price: $20.60 + gst/dep. Click on the image to purchase.

The Sweet Finish
(With a Little Fortification)

  • Decadent Dessert: After a delicious meal, complete the experience with a decadent chocolate dessert. A Port will enhance the richness of a dark chocolate option. Its deep berry flavors and hint of spice offer pure indulgence.
    • Try the Penfolds Grandfather 20 year old Tawny. Seriously powerful; the very complex bouquet has gingerbread, spice and singed toffee aromas cut by the rancio (nutty flavour) that comes through on the long, intense, yet elegantly structured and balanced palate. A skilled blending of some younger wine has had the desired effect. Incredibly long, intense and complex.
    • Price: $84.80 + gst/dep. Click on the image to purchase.
  • Fruity Treat: If your dad prefers fruitier desserts, pair a summery berry tart or crisp with a late-harvest Riesling. The wine’s sweetness balances the fruit’s acidity, leaving your palate feeling refreshed.
    • Try the J. Baumer Riesling. Floral, apple, honey and melon aromas give this wine a very pleasant nose. The palate is slightly sweet, offering ripe apple, peach, melon and mango flavours with good acidity and a pleasant mouthfeel. It finishes with lingering ripe peach and apple flavours. It’s pure deliciousness.
    • Price: $20.20 + gst/dep. Click on the image to purchase.

Tips For The Perfect Pairing

  • Match Intensity: Choose wines with an intensity level that mirrors your food. Delicate dishes call for light wines, while bold dishes partner well with powerful ones.
  • Sweet vs. Savory: Balance sweet flavors in dishes with wines that contain enough acidity.
  • Don’t Forget Texture: Match wine body to food texture – rich dishes with full-bodied wines, light dishes with lighter ones.

This Father’s Day, celebrate with a table full of delicious food and thoughtful wine pairings. It’s a fantastic way to show appreciation and create special moments that Dad will remember for years to come.


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