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Mahogany Taps

Screaming Toller – Silky Side-Step Stout

Silky and smooth, this Stout combines a Northern Hemisphere beer style with Southern Hemisphere hops to bring you a collision of flavour similar to the sport of rugby. This Stout is chocolate malt-forward completed with subtle notes of oak and blackberry, thanks to Pacific Gem hops from New Zealand. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer goes to support grassroots rugby programs of the Calgary Rugby Union.

This beer is unique and stands out from others in the category with a slight bitterness. The resiny pithiness from judicious amounts of Citra and El Dorado carries through the mid palate and raises notes of minty tangerine and clear gummy bear. Soft and cloudy, fluffy and light, this is one awesome, juicy IPA.

Brewed in the classic Bohemian pilsner style, this pilsner boasts rich maltiness and additions of Czech Saaz hops. With notes of intricate, bready, sweet toasted malt intertwined with spicy, grassy and herbal hop flavor and aroma, with a pronounced yet refined bitterness.

Mariner brewing makes this beer with 1000 pounds of blueberries (yes, you read that right), with lactose and an aromatic extract of Mosaic Hops, leading to a very tart, fruit-forward sour!

Wildwood Taps

Fahr Brewing – Dunkelweizen Abv 5.3%

The German-style Dunkelweizen can be considered a cross between a German-style dunkel and a hefeweizen. Distinguished by its sweet maltiness and chocolate-like character

This malt-forward Mexican lager  is  darker than your average lager. Subtle herbal, floral and spicy hop characteristics. Señor gets its colour and roasted malt flavours from Dark Munich malt

These wild cranberries are found on vines in alpine glacial deposits. The addition of cranberries to this kettle sour make for a  tart and crisp beer to enjoy anytime.

Aromas of Citrus, melon,and mango combine for a tropical fruit salad, with  warm spice  with the late addition of hops, this wheat ale takes on some citrus forward flavours with a lightly hoppy bitterness..

Social Candy packs a colossal punch of an ABV in a polite, unassuming wave. The balance between the pleasant hop bitterness and a sweetness far more subtle than its name teeters perfectly before toppling you over.

On Tap Soon

English mild ale is a throwback to a more simple time where people knew who they voted for and why, saw work as a wage rather than a lifestyle, and who chose their beer like they supported their sports team – because it was what you did and it wasn’t worth fussing over. Simple Pleasures is what we drink to take life back a notch or two. There’s a ton of flavor and aroma for such a light beer (3.8%), with notes of light chocolate, nuts, caramel, light roast, and raisin and plum fruit. It is a delightful shade of mahogany that makes you feel as though you drinking a proper pint.

DinoSour Stone Fruit Sour packs a delightfully tart bite. Soured with our house-cultured lacto strain, apricot juice, peach juice and nectarine flavors mingle pre and post fermentaceous period, balancing sour flavors with light stone fruit sweetness.


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Our downtown location is conveniently located in the Keynote II building in Victoria Park.

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