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Mahogany Taps

An enticing mix of vodka enhanced with red berry flavours and special handmade lemonade. Perfectly sweet and tart for a deliciously refreshing lemonade in a can. The perfect summer sip!

A refreshingly unique and modern twist on a traditional Mexican Lager. With flaked corn to create a light-bodied and easy-drinking beer with just a touch of sweetness to perfectly compliment the Salt and Lime flavours. The finest balance of sweet, salty and tangy, this Mexican Lager is a must-try.

A garden party of a fruit ale that swaps hoppy notes for a soft bouquet of botanicals and a pucker of exquisite sourness like tart lemon meringue pie laced with herbal-sweet lavender. This beer has bright profile with a dry finish.

  • AppearanceLight colored milky haze, thick white foam, very hazy
  • AromaTangerine, grapefruit, crushed grapes, tropical and stone fruit
  • FlavourSweet fruit, tropical fruit, white wine
  • Mouthfeelsmooth, pillowy, soft, slight hop burn (what do you expect?)
  • Key ingredientsOats, Wheat, Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe

Wildwood Taps

A classic style for a classic girl. Crisp and clean with a hint of malty cereal.

Snappy, easy-breezy, balanced bitterness…a drinkable Fruit Roll-up.

Annex brings us a smooth, easy New England Pale Ale. Hazy and a lil’ juicy.

A double IPA from Dandy that pulls you up by the boot straps! Dank and darn tasty.

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5 VINES Downtown

Our downtown location is conveniently located in the Keynote II building in Victoria Park.

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  • #218 12 Ave SE
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5 VINES Mahogany

Our Mahogany location is conveniently located in Westman Village, just off of Mahogany Boulevard.

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  • 105 Mahogany Centre SE
  • Calgary, AB T3M 2V6

5 VINES Wildwood

Our Wildwood location is conveniently located on the corner of Bow Trail and 45 St SW in the Bow45 building.

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  • #110-4620 Bow Trail SW
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5 VINES Bridgeland

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  • 53 9th ST NE #61
  • Calgary, AB T2E 8C6

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