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Mahogany Taps

A light, refreshing culmination of honey with fresh mint and lime that is perfect for drinking out in the sun, and is even made so you can just pour it over ice, add some more mint and lime, and enjoy it like the classic summer cocktail that it was named for! Also did we mention that it’s 100% naturally gluten-free?

Fahr Pils is the 2020 World Beer Awards Canada Gold Winner for Best Classic Pilsner Style Lager Beer!

This Black Forrest style Pilsner is unique to North America. Fuller bodied with less hop and bitterness, this beer stands out amongst other Northern German Pilsners more commonly found in Canada. This beer is filtered for clarity, has 5.0% alc./vol. and has a crisp finish. The Pils maintains flavours of crackers, floral notes, and a slight lingering bitterness to cut through the initial sweetness of the malt used. This beer was awarded Silver for Pilsners in Canada in the 2019 World Beer Awards!

Imperial Sour with Raspberries, Blackberries and Vanilla.

A pumped up Jam Rock with added raspberries to the blackberries and a cranked up ABV to really get the party going on the dance floor. The result is a brew that elevates everything you love about Jam Rock: a jammy fruit pucker, a subtle vanilla kiss, and a breathtaking jewel tone worth pouring the contents of your can into a glass for.

The beer that the world sold out of in under a day! This fresh, juicy, hazy IPA is the latest in Cabin’s famous Saturation lineup, but this one has a huge twist. This beer is made with Phantasm! Yes, you read that right, Cabin is the latest Calgarian Brewery to get access to this highly sought-after ingredient, so it’s only natural that they made a new Saturation with it! This beer is sure to go fast, and to make things fair, we are limiting sales of this beer to one growler fill per customer so everyone can get a chance to try it!

Wildwood Taps

The “Crazy Little Lime” is a light lager based on a traditional Mexican Chelada (beer with lime and salt). Brewed with sea salt, dried lime, and lime zest. Summer personified!

One sip of The Weekender’s piney, dank notes and you’ll feel that moment when time is all yours again. Locally grown Strathmore malts paired with traditional Pacific Northwest hops make for a vibrant, approachable ale. Tropical, citrusy aromas soften this West Coast IPA’s traditional bitter flavour.

This Irish style red ale is a well balanced, malt forward ale. This brew features Blue Grass Sod Farms harvested Spruce Tips. This ale finishes dry, with no lingering aftertaste. A sessionable and refreshing Irish Red Ale!

This is a Westcoast style Pale Ale with a focus on Pacific and Pine.  From this beer comes an aroma of light sweetness, mild piney hop and a malted base.  Featuring more malt tones than you would expect from a West Coast Pale ale the beer is rather smooth. As the flavour progresses, a piney hop flavour builds at the back of the mouth.

Thirst-quneching summertime sour featuring ampled amounts of apricot – creating a subtle contrasting sweetness.

On Tap Soon

A beer for folks who enjoy a golden and delicious beer. Beautiful colour, pleasing flavour profile.
A real winner.

The full spectrum of aromatic and bitter hops are evident in our very first foray into the venerable West Coast IPA category. We massively dry-hop this IPA in the fermentor to lock in aromas. You can expect a gratifying sensory experience as flavour, mouth feel, and delicious aromatics combine perfectly in our latest experiment.

Decalogue of the Artist is a Belgian Pale Ale fermented with Ardennes yeast and aged for three months on Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. Brewed with a complex blend of Alberta and Belgian Malts to pay tribute to the classic ales of Belgium while adding a Dandy flair. A complete balance of malt, fermentation character and Loral hoppiness. This is our art.

It’s a mild ale brewed with Earl Grey tea from Two Hills Tea and conditioned on fresh lemon. Featuring aromas of lilac, bergamot and lemon zest, swinging’ in at a nice 5.6%. This beer drinks like unsweetened ice tea. Seriously, we are talkin’ about those faded-jeans-ice-tea-on-the-porch kinda flavours that country radio seems to think is an unbeatable experience.

BHS is tart and balanced by subtle pomegranate added to the fermentation. This might be the first time we’ve invented a beer to justify an order of goofy hats, but it probably wont be the last. 4.5% ABV


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5 VINES Downtown

Our downtown location is conveniently located in the Keynote II building in Victoria Park.

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  • #218 12 Ave SE
  • Calgary, AB T2G 1G9

5 VINES Mahogany

Our Mahogany location is conveniently located in Westman Village, just off of Mahogany Boulevard.

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  • 105 Mahogany Centre SE
  • Calgary, AB T3M 2V6

5 VINES Wildwood

Our Wildwood location is conveniently located on the corner of Bow Trail and 45 St SW in the Bow45 building.

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  • #110-4620 Bow Trail SW
  • Calgary, AB T3C 2G6

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