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May Long Libations: From Campfire Cocktails to Cabin Champagne

May Long Libations: From Campfire Cocktails to Cabin Champagne

by the 5VINES Team – Imagery by Adobe Stock

Can you believe it? We’re already halfway through May, which means the glorious May long weekend is just around the corner!

Whether you’re a history buff celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday (the OG influencer), a thrill-seeking camper ready to embrace the unpredictable weather, or simply itching to get out and explore with your crew, this three-day break is your golden ticket to adventure.

But wait, where to go and what to do? Fear not, dear reader, for we’ve curated a list of epic suggestions to make your long weekend truly unforgettable. From hidden gems to crowd-pleasing favorites, we’ve got you covered. So buckle up, grab your calendar, and get ready to plan the ultimate May long weekend getaway!

Rupert’s Maple Whisky Cream

Should you need something to warm you up by the fire, jazz up your morning coffee at the cabin or make an impromptu hotel-room cocktail, look no further than Rupert’s Maple Whisky Cream from Eau Claire Distillery. This locally made liqueur perfectly blends smooth whisky, rich maple syrup, and creamy goodness. It’s not too sweet, not too strong, just right for any of the above occasions.

On the nose, there’s no mistaking this is a whisky cream with vanilla and maple scents. Immediately followed by the whisky’s warmth and the maple syrup’s sweetness. 

Locally Made – Organic

Price: $38.90 + gst/dep (click on image to purchase)

Barbecue bliss in a bottle – La Vita e Bella Malbec

Whether you’re spending 12 hours on a brisket, grinding your burger patties or roasting a hot dog on a stick, you’ll need a red for that.

When it comes to your May Long BBQ, you deserve a great red wine. That’s why we recommend this organic malbec from Veneto, Italy. Crafted by Savian for three generations from 65-year-old Malbec vines, this wine is a testament to the art of winemaking.

With its softer tannins, red plums, strawberries, black pepper on the nose, and a delightful mix of black fruit, baking spices, and chocolate upon sipping, it’s a true delight for your palate. And here’s the best part-it comes in a 1-litre bottle with a screw top, so you get an extra glass for your guests, and no corkscrew is required! Ensuring you have enough to go around without hassle, it is the perfect companion for your open-air feast.

Organic – Sustainably Farmed

Price: $22.40 + gst/dep (click on image to purchase)

Boom Box Brews for the whole crew – Trolley 5 Boom Box Variety 12 pack

You’re going to be spending three days with friends and family. So, you’ll have to balance differing age groups, interests, and tastes and have enough supply to do so. Never fear; the Trolley 5 Boom Box is here!

This 12-pack comes with a variety of beers, including 3 Turn Table lagers, 3 A Hazy Shade NEIPAs, 3 First Crush White IPAs, and 3 High Five IPAs. All of them are convenient 355ml cans. This diverse selection ensures something for everyone, making it the perfect choice for your May long weekend celebrations. Plus, you can crush a can at the top of the trail and then crush the empty to fit in your pack for your hike back down!

Locally Made

Price: $32.40 + gst/dep (click on image to purchase)


Canned Camping Cocktails – Tempo Gin Smash 12 pack

The Tempo Gin Smash Pack comes from the award-winning Goodridge and Williams distillery in Delta, British Columbia, and is perfect for taking cocktails camping!

It has four flavours: peach mango, lemon mint, strawberry lemon, and grapefruit, with two cans per flavour. The pack combines small-batch gin, enticing fruit flavours, and carbonated water to create refreshing, pre-mixed cocktails at the lake, cabin, or trail. All without having to pack any bar ware or run to the closest store for that missing ingredient.

 Price: $33.60 + gst/dep (click on image to purchase)

Locally Produced

Glamping with Royalty – Pol Roger Pure Extra Brut

Maybe your idea of the great outdoors is indoors with a great view of nature. If so, and you plan on celebrating May Long in a mountainside hotel, take the Pol Roger Pure Extra Brut with you.

As a bonus, Pol Roger comes with a Royal Warrant. Meaning it’s the champagne of choice for the Royals and was also the favourite of Sir Winston Churchill, appropriate for Victoria Day!

Expertly made due to Pol Roger’s 175-year history, the nose of the champagne expresses cloves, roses, bread, and citrus. Almost bone-dry on the palate, this is a crisp, bright champagne with zippy citrus. 

Pair with oysters, surf and turf, or that fish you pulled out of the lake earlier that morning

Price: $91.00 + gst/dep (click on image to purchase)

Cheers to a Relaxing Long Weekend: Whatever Your Adventure, Raise a Glass!

Whether you are hiking, biking, camping, cabin-ing or sticking around the house to work on the garden or a new project, we hope you have a great, relaxing long weekend with some of the above in your glass!

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