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Craft Beer Trends to Watch in 2024: Hazy Daze Fading, West Coast IPAs Rising Again

Craft Beer Trends to Watch in 2024: Hazy Daze Fading, West Coast IPAs Rising Again

The craft beer industry has seen explosive growth in recent years, but many are wondering if the bubble is about to burst.

A Hazy Sunset

One of the biggest trends is the move away from hazy IPAs, which have dominated the market in recent years.

Brewers are now experimenting with more traditional styles, such as lagers and pilsners.

Dark lagers are poised for a big comeback in 2024 as are classic pub styles such as milds, extra special bitters (ESB), brown ales, and the ever-reliable pale ales.

West Coast IPAs Get a Flavour Upgrade

West Coast IPAs are also making a comeback but with a twist. Brewers are incorporating new-school hops to create an updated flavour profile that is both familiar and exciting.

For new-to-you brews, look for regional specialties from parts of the globe you may not associate with beer.

New Zealand pilsners, Catharina sours, a specialty in Brazil, and Grodziskie, a Polish smoked-oat malt brew, will make appearances both in kegs and on canning lines.

Where Community and Craft Collide:

Taprooms are also evolving to meet the needs of today’s consumers. Breweries are offering more events, food options, and activities to create a destination experience.

Some breweries are even incorporating historic brewing practices, such as kölsch service and bierstacheln, to add a touch of novelty and tradition.

Buzz -Free Brews on the Rise:

The non-alcoholic beer segment is another area of continued growth. With more and more people looking for healthier alternatives, non-alcoholic beers are becoming
increasingly popular.

New breweries and brands are entering the market, offering a wider variety of styles and flavours.

In addition, look for smaller breweries to become allies in a crowded market faced with price increases.

Beyond Beer – Hard Tea Takes the Spotlight

Finally, and to not forget those
looking for a lighter, refreshing alternative to beer, hard tea is re-emerging as a popular new option in the ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage category.

Hard tea offers a refreshing kick with the complex flavor of real brewed tea and a hint
of playful buzz. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re
craving something lighter than beer, perfect for both sunny afternoons and lively get-togethers.


The good news is that experts say the industry is simply maturing, and there are still plenty of exciting trends to watch in 2024.

Overall, the craft beer industry is in a good place. While some trends fade, others rise, and the future of craft beer looks bright. So, raise a glass to the ever-evolving world of craft beer and cheers to many more years of delicious brews!

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