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That's right, your Vine Pack can be delivered if you don't want to pick it up. (Delivery is $15 within Calgary, $20 to Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, or Chestermere)

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The seasonally selected wine has been hand-picked by our Sommeliers!
Sommelier Notes


Our Sommeliers choose the wines very carefully. Their goal is to provide you with a fantastic selection of seasonal wines to pair with your favourite dishes. Here is a sample of what you can expect:

Region: Bierzo, Spain

Blend: 100% Mencia

Notes: Bierzo is a smaller, lesser known wine region in Spain covering just 3000 square kilometers. Some of my favourite wines from Spain come from Bierzo. This is medium bodied, elegant, rustic and balanced with soft tannins. Some floral and spice notes round it out.

Pairings: Pair it with savoury, and definitely not sweet dishes. A portobello mushroom steak, grilled duck or smoked beer chicken.

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The Order Process

  • Payment from your credit card will be processed on the 1st business day of the month.
  • We will put your package together and send you an email confirming that your order is ready. Your wine package(s) will be available for pick up on or after the 10th day of every month from our store. – If you require delivery, contact us and we will arrange a solution with you.
  • Once the order has been processed, it is final. There are no refunds or returns.
  • To cancel your Vine Club subscription you must provide 30 days’ written notice. Your final Vine Pack charge will depend on the date we receive you written notice.

What if I don’t like the wines 5 Vines selected?

  • We understand that not every person has the same tastes, but we hope that you trust in us to have made some good selections. Always feel free to give us feedback either via phone (587-955-9221) or email (

Can I customise to all red wines?

  • Yes this is possible for an additional $10 fee. Call or email us  at to notify us of this request.

What if the wine is corked (tastes or smells bad)?

  • Simply cap it and return it to us to be exchanged (can be done within 30 days of pick up).

What if I’m unable to pick up my subscription for an extended period?

  • We can keep it aside for up to 60 days. At which time, you’ll have to make arrangements for pick-up.

Can I have it delivered to my home or work?

  • Yes, we charge $15 for delivery to any location within Calgary city limits. $20 for deliveries to Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, or Chestermere. Call or email us at  to notify us of this request. 

What if I just want a Vine Pack for 2 consecutive months?

  • Submit your written cancellation notice before the 1st of the following month to or click here to write to us