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Campio Brewing Company – Albertosourus Tart Fruit Ale

Sour, balanced berry sweetness, raspberry, boysenberry, black currant.

Super refreshing. Super crushable. Super Session.

Hints of stone fruit and pear. Lighter at 4.5%abv but with enough hop bite to satisfy that urge.

The Boomtown Lager is our take on a Vienna Lager. When lager yeast was first isolated, the Vienna Lager was one of the first styles of lager brewed. Our Boomtown is true to style and perfect to introduce industrial pale lager drinkers to the world of craft beer. Neither overly malty, nor overly hoppy, Boomtown is the perfect combination of malt and hops making it enjoyable to the novice but with enough flavour to keep the craft beer aficionado interested. Smooth and satisfying with a crisp finish, the Vienna and Munich malts shine through without overwhelming the palate of the one enjoying the Lager.

On Tap Soon

Bready malts and noble hops ride switch between floral and spicy for a balanced bitterness.

Hints of stone fruit and pear. Lighter at 4.5%abv but with enough hop bite to satisfy that urge.

West Coast style IPA. Piney, citrus, bitter.

Mildly sour with lots of raspberry flavour!

This sour is packing some power! Raspberry leads on the aroma and lemon gives it some extra pucker. Brewed in honour of Moraband, the legendary home planet of the Sith order, choose this beer and see what the dark side has to offer. May the Force be with You.

Handsome honey, apple & raspberry.

Combining our honey with apple & raspberry provides a dry, crisp, naturally gluten-free cyser.


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5 VINES Downtown

Our downtown location is conveniently located in the Keynote II building in Victoria Park.

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  • #218 12 Ave SE
  • Calgary, AB T2G 1G9

5 VINES Mahogany

Our Mahogany location is conveniently located in Westman Village, just off of Mahogany Boulevard.

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  • 105 Mahogany Centre SE
  • Calgary, AB T3M 2V6
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