Whisky Guild

Bringing whisky lovers together

One by one, members are joining the guild and taking part in the growing community of whisky lovers.  The guild hosts exclusive whisky events and provides bi-monthly bottle subscriptions bringing whisky from around the globe, to your palate.

Don’t get us wrong, we love scotch; that said, there are whiskies from around the world that excite us.  It is our mission to search those dark corners of the globe to discover forgotten barrels in search of the most incredible and unique whiskies to be had.

Join us as we hunt for the best in small batch, limited or rare whiskies from around the world!

Guild members are privy to their Charter Membership, 10% off all regularly priced whisky from 5 Vines, Access to member’s only whisky selections and VIP treatment for all whisky-related special events.

5 Vines

Wee Dram

1 Professionally Curated Bottle of Whisky Every 2 Months

Up to $120 / bottle

For every bottle sold, we donate $1

$1 provides a healthy lunch for a hungry child in Calgary

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Questions and

Why is the cost up to $120?

  • Expect to pay between $60 to $120 per bottle (+GST). Because we haven’t negotiated all of the club’s offerings at the time of this writing, we can’t offer you a flat rate. We don’t want to limit ourselves too much either as we know some of the good, small batch, craft whiskies aren’t exactly inexpensive. Members should expect to pay an average of $90/bottle. Some month’s offerings may be lower, some month’s may be higher. You will only be charged according to the price of the offering. We’ll work within this budget and if for any reason we have something uber unique and rare that is outside of this budget, we’ll contact you to get your feedback. Note that as an IWG member, you automatically receive 10% OFF on every single offering as well as everything we stock on our shelves.

When will my order be ready?

  • Expect to receive an email notifying you that your order is ready by the 15th of every month.

Do you offer delivery?

  • Yes, we can coordinate this with our courier and provide you with rates. Note that a person of legal drinking age must receive and sign for this package every month.

What if the whiskies don’t fit my taste profile?

  • We will do our best to satisfy your tastes but trust that we’ll find some delicious whiskies. If you don’t like the whisky, maybe you can find someone who will?

How do I cancel?

  • We do require at least one month notice as many whiskies will be special ordered in advance for you and the rest of the guild members. We apologize but cancellations outside of this period will not be validated. Contact us HERE.