Growler Bar


Prairie Dog

Coffee Kolsch

Our Little Bear Kölsch recipe infused with a custom blend of cold-brew coffee by Typeface Coffee Roasters, which brings milk chocolate, toffee and caramel notes to the beer – no harsh coffee bitterness at all. Tastes like a Coffee Crisp bar in a glass.


Coco Loco

All I ask is that you forget about Winter for just one pint (or four). This Coconut Lime Wheat Ale will help. Grant S. from Untappd even says this beer is, “Legit Fantastic. Screw you guys!”. I concur, screw you guys if you don’t come and enjoy this beautiful beverage!

Our growler bar is currently suspended. Check back for updates!

Victoria Park


Growler Wednesdays

Happy Hour

4pm – 9pm

$2 Off All Refills

1. Pick your growler

64 oz Fifty/Fifty Insulatey
64 oz Glass | 32 oz Glass
Or bring your own!

3. Go home and enjoy it

2. Get it filled

Sample the beer's on tap
Make your selection
Fill up!

4. Rinse & Repeat

Let it air dry with the cap off