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Filling new and pre-sanitized growlers ONLY.

If you have a growler bottle, bring it in and we’ll exchange it for one of our sanitized ones for FREE!

Parallel 49

Salty Scot Scotch Ale

Parallel 49 put the kettle on for a long boil and this Scottish Wee Heavy is what they got. Rich caramel is complemented by sea salt for a complex, intense flavour. Another? Aye.

Phillips Brewing


This 4.2% abv fruit beer pours a beautiful pale pink colour with aromas of watermelon, blackberries and sour apple. Sharp carbonation and light in body, a firm sour flavour is balanced with moderate fruit sweetness, finishing puckeringly dry.  Soured with our house-isolated strain of Lactobacillus, Dinosour packs a delightfully tart bite!

Folding Mountain – Jasper AB

Afternoon Social Hazy IPA – 6.5%

Time to make an event out of the simple things in life! This bright and tropical hazy IPA reminds us of raising a glass on a sunny afternoon with our best friends, sharing stories and laughter.

Banff Ave

Ride or Dry Pilsner

The dry finish on this refreshing pilsner will make this your new favourite anytime beer. Hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops for a flavourful and unique white grape character.

Filling new and pre-sanitized growlers ONLY.

If you have a growler bottle, bring it in and we’ll exchange it for one of our sanitized ones for FREE!

Dandy Brewing


American Wheat Ale, with all-natural Pineapple

New Level Brewing

Hellion Lager (4.5%ABV)

Albertan base-malt with select European malts for a dry, crisp finish with light body and high clarity. Very lightly hopped with Magnum, Hallertau Blanc, and Saaz for a gentle yet complex aroma and flavour. Ridiculously easy drinking

Troubled Monk

Market Garden – Carrot Cake Ale

With an amber colour, and a strong beer taste off the top, the carrot cake flavour comes in as an aftertaste to compliment the brew. ABV 6.1%
(Made With Lactose & Nuts)

Snake Lake

Vanilla Latte Stout

If you took your favourite vanilla latte and poured it into a stout and then called it a Vanilla Latte Stout you’d be an idiot and ruin both drinks. It’s a good thing you don’t work at Snake Lake because they brew delicious beer and this is no exception.

A perfect beer for the cold weather!

SYC Brewing


Norwegian farmhouse culture and a generous usage of fruity new world hops, tropical fruit and orange abounds in this hazy beauty.

It includes a truckload of hops, Mosaic, Bru-1 and Vic Secret.

Victoria Park

Dandy Brewing

Bunbury Pineapple Wheat Ale

The modern classic, American Wheat Ale, has been jazzed up with just the right amount of all-natural Pineapple (Dylan knows, he was a pastry chef)! The result is an unbelievably refreshing summer sip that is perfect for the patio, the campsite, or kickin’ back on the couch.

More sweet nectar coming!


Cabin Brewing

Luminosity German Pilsner

Luminosity German Pils is the antidote to the year that was. It’s a simple, easy-drinking lager crafted in the German brewing tradition – one defined by balance, quality ingredients and drinkability.

Establishment Brewing

Afternoon Delight NEPA

A full bodied hazy pale ale, with bready malts combined with citrus and tropical hop notes.

88 Brewing

Good Morning Coffee Stout

So much coffee! Strong roasted coffee and chocolate with wood at the back-end. Sweet but balanced, with a moderate hop bitterness.

Ribstone Creek Brewery

Raspberry Berliner Weisse

A subtle sour tartness is balanced nicely with the sweetness of fresh, orchard grown raspberries. This provides for a refreshing beer that finishes clean and dry.

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