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Ravens Brewing

Hot Chocolate Porter

Conditioned with Cacao Nibs, rich silky dark chocolate flavors are at the forefront of this robust porter. With hints of vanilla, a creamy and decadent malt body make this porter a delicious, grown up version of a winter treat. The perfect bottle to share during this season of giving. Pair with: Raspberry Cheesecake, Cassis Mousse, Vanilla Ice Cream

Russell Brewing

Currant Sour

Currants are a misunderstood berry, often banished to the back of grocery store shelves, collecting dust, hidden behind everyone’s favorite mainstream berry jams and jellies. Well, it’s finally their time to shine in this Sacc-Trois sour with 840lbs of the little guys and a light grain bill of flaked and malted wheat. Never again will they play second fiddle!

Sea Change

Death Wave Mexican Lager

Very light, Crisp, Light Corn, Bready, Crushable.

OT Brewing

5 Hundie Hazy IPA

Creamy and medium-bodied, 5 Hundie Hazy IPA has notes of peach & cotton candy on the nose followed by suggestions of mango & papaya on the palate.

Filling new and pre-sanitized growlers ONLY.

If you have a growler bottle, bring it in and we’ll exchange it for one of our sanitized ones for FREE!


Robust Porter

Full bodied porter with roasty notes, chocolate finish and mild strawberry & raspberry undertones.

Outcast Brewing

#6000 NEIPA

A juicy NEIPA with an assertive opening of hop bitterness, with balanced grapefruit and citrus flavours

Sea Change

Death Wave Mexican Lager

Very light, Crisp, Light Corn, Bready, Crushable


Retrospectrum Pale Ale

Retrospectrum Pale Ale is easy enough to drink every day, yet complex enough to challenge your taste buds every time.

Perfectly balanced with a complex malt body, our hop-forward take on the classic American Pale Ale is exploding with tropical fruit and citrus aromas and flavours, thanks to generous late additions of Citra and Amarillo hops.

Victoria Park

More sweet nectar coming!



Super Fusion Sour

Catharina Sour with Pink Guava – A kettle soured beer, with a large addition of pink guava puree. High in fruit flavor and aroma, with a clean lactic acidity to balance.

Ribstone Creek

Imperial Dark Ale

This 8.5% dark ale stands out as it boasts flavours of dark cocoa, smoked wood, and roasted espresso. Dark beer lovers will enjoy cuddling up with this deep and complex brew.

Fahr Brewing


This Black Forrest style Pilsner is unique to North America. Fuller bodied with less hop and bitterness, this beer stands out amongst other Northern German Pilsners more commonly found in Canada. This beer is filtered for clarity, has 5.0% alc./vol. and has a crisp finish. The Pils maintains flavours of crackers, floral notes, and a slight lingering bitterness to cut through the initial sweetness of the malt used. This beer was awarded Silver for Pilsners in Canada in the 2019 World Beer Awards!

SYC Brewing

Afternoon Hoot Session IPA

Made with locally sourced malt barely and hops descended from a hop vine found growing wild in the shadow of the Canadian rockies. Expect notes of tangerine, lemon and flowers.

Cold Garden

Juice Goose NEIPA

Gather a gaggle and fly North for the winter to come let loose on this golden egg. No water foul but this fruity waterfowl is all sweet and tropical juice; it’s good for the Goose so come have a Gander. Mouth cozy like its down filled with an aroma hopped high. A New England Haze Bird that’s part pineapple, part peach, part orange, all freshly squeezed hop juice, Mosaic, El Dorado, Citra, rinse and repeat. Honk if you like it juicy!

Born Colorado

Dingle Berry Brown

Rich notes of chocolate with a tart raspberry finish, this is a classic brown ale with a twist.

Phillips Brewing

Crangerine Dream

Crangerine Dream Cranberry Tangerine Ale is the perfect beer for Fall! This crushable fruit-forward ale blends the crisp tartness of cranberries with a bright sweetness from the tangerines. Refreshingly sweet and tart, this ale has a generous portion of wheat malt in the mash for a creamy, smooth mouthfeel. Like a dreamy late afternoon sunset, Crangerine Dream pours a hazy coral pink with a dense white foam cap that looks as great as it tastes.

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