Growler Bar


Prairie Dog

Coffee Kolsch

Our Little Bear Kölsch recipe infused with a custom blend of cold-brew coffee by Typeface Coffee Roasters, which brings milk chocolate, toffee and caramel notes to the beer – no harsh coffee bitterness at all. Tastes like a Coffee Crisp bar in a glass.

Born Colorado

Born ____. NEIPA

A double dry-hopped NEIPA with a smooth and complex flavour profile that is both balanced and refreshing.  Heavy on the hops with a slightly tropical, citrus aftertaste. Just a touch of honey on the end. Careful because it’s 8.5%, but doesn’t drink like it!

Cabin Brewing

Ultraviolet Blueberry Cobbler

Wafting aromas of baked pie crust, vanilla and cinnamon emerge from the glass, which is filled by a beer of the most vibrant shade of violet thanks to an absurd dose of blueberry puree


Coco Loco

All I ask is that you forget about Winter for just one pint (or four). This Coconut Lime Wheat Ale will help. Grant S. from Untappd even says this beer is, “Legit Fantastic. Screw you guys!”. I concur, screw you guys if you don’t come and enjoy this beautiful beverage!


Reishi Red Ale

Yes, Reishi mushrooms were used in the making of this fine ale. Imagine a delicate footnote of savoury umami weaving its way throughout the beer, enriching malts and balancing out excess sugars. Reishi have also been used as a medicinal ingredient for over 2000 years in traditional Chinese medicine.

Central City Brewing – Surrey, B.C.

Beer League Craft Brewed Lager

Beer League was designed to be a best in class craft beer with an easy drinking flavour. Whether you are celebrating after a big game or simply looking for a refreshing craft lager, shoot and score with Beer League!

Cabin Brewing

Ultraviolet Blueberry Cobbler Ale

Wafting aromas of baked pie crust, vanilla and cinnamon emerge from the glass, which is filled by a beer of the most vibrant shade of violet thanks to an absurd dose of blueberry puree.

Bridge Brewing

Lemon Gin Saison

Brewed with the addition of juniper berries, lemon peel, coriander and peppercorns, and fermented with a French Saison yeast, this beer is unique and super drinkable.

Establishment Brewing

Sky Rocket V NEIPA

Sly Rocket V pours a bright orange/gold haze. Tropical fruit wash over fleeting oak, coconut, and tangerine as the beer warms. Pilsner malt provides a delicate malty base without getting in the way. A beer style with seemingly limitless flavour possibilities, join us on this journey to the moon.

Victoria Park

The Establishment

Sky Rocket V

A fruity and juicy little NEIPA that isn’t that little. It delivers a whopper of tropical fruit, coconut and a hint of oak and tangerine flavour. Made with local Pilsner Malt from Origin Malting & Brewing of Strathmore. We asked Mike at The Establishment Brewing Company if he felt that this was the best of their Sky Rocket NEIPAs and he timidly responded, “This a f&c1*g nice brew.”

Prairie Dog

Gingerbread Brown

American-style brown ale brewed with molasses and winter spices. Jonathan, one of our fabulous colleagues here, recommends dipping some homemade ginger bread cookies into this ale. Let’s do it!



Five of Diamonds Pilsner

Clean, bright, pilsner ready for all your days out in the clean, bright outdoors. Lise H. from Untapped said her condo board meeting got a lot less boring with this in hand! Drink up folks!

Dog Island Brewing

DiBs Berry Raspberry Wheat Ale

DiBs Berry is named after Dog Island Brewing Society, it was the original name the DIB owners came up with but changed it due to a society being non-profit. The Raspberry beer was one of the first successful beers made and will always be a favorite. Made with white wheat and a perfect balance of hops this smooth beer packs a punch with its intense but refreshing raspberry taste.

Medicine Hat Brewing

Cambridge Coconut Porter

Medicine Hat’s first traffic jam may well have occurred on East Toronto Street in 1912. Trudging through the rain and mud, Reverend Morrow came upon a man flogging his horse, urging it through the inclement weather. Speaking up, the Reverend asked the man to halt his cruelty. When met with hostility from the carriage driver, the Reverend stood tall, made peace with his profession, and promptly dropped the man with one blow. Enjoy this rich porter infused with notes of toasted coconut and cocoa to get you through even the most trying of storms.

Growler Wednesdays

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4. Rinse & Repeat

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