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Filling new and pre-sanitized growlers ONLY.

If you have a growler bottle, bring it in and we’ll exchange it for one of our sanitized ones for FREE!

Parallel 49

Peach Bod

Sparkling Peach Ale.

88 Brewing

Duotang Dry-Hopped Sour

Remember the times when you neatly filed all of your homework in your trusted Duotang?  Neither do we! This delicious dry-hopped sour captures all the right notes and was made to skip class. Let loose and pucker up!

Annex Ales

Force Majeure NEIPA

Juicy, with a pillowy soft mouthfeel: this is the culmination of our experimentation in New England IPAs. Oats provide softness on the palate while Vic Secret, Bru-1, and Cryo Mosaic Hops deliver big notes of mango, passionfruit, and pine resin.

Fahr Brewing


This Black Forrest style Pilsner is unique to North America. Fuller bodied with less hop and bitterness, this beer stands out amongst other Northern German Pilsners more commonly found in Canada. This beer is filtered for clarity, has 5.0% alc./vol. and has a crisp finish. The Pils maintains flavours of crackers, floral notes, and a slight lingering bitterness to cut through the initial sweetness of the malt used. This beer was awarded Silver for Pilsners in Canada in the 2019 World Beer Awards!

We are no longer pouring growlers at Keynote as we are making additional space for an enormous amount of new beers in our soon to be expanded cooler!


Analog Brewing

Popping Pilsner 2

Our second batch of Poppin Pils dropping like some funky fresh beats this March. Dry hopped with contessa expect flavour notes of pear, lemongrass and green tea.

Cabin Brewing

Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice NEIPA features the full-bodied hazy IPA body you’ve come to know and love from Cabin, with the addition of three barrels of pineapple puree and a banana boat-load of Sabro hops. The hops contribute coconut, cream and tropical fruit notes, contributing to a beer that is like tropical punch in a pint glass. It’s juicy, hazy, full-bodied and with some citric fruity tartness that really make the flavours pop.

Hawk Tail


Mexican Style Lager. Clean, Crisp & Simple.

Uncommon Cidery

Apple Haskap Cider

This Uncommon cider gets its flavour and gorgeous blush colour from an uncommon berry – the haskap, a sweet-tart blue fruit. This cider has noted of pomegranate, plum and fruit leather, with a great pink colour.

Russell Brewing

Southern Passion Sour

With “Big Beers” long-lasting grip on South African hop varieties finally coming to an end, we were able to snag some of these vibes and whip up something special and unique. This sour is dry-hopped using Southern Passion, which is a cross of Czech Saaz and German Hallertauer. Both unique and complex, Southern Passion offers ripe tropical fruit flavors like passion fruit, guava, and coconut as well as citrus and red berries.

High River Brewing

Diving Fox IPA

A cunning intro to High Rivers style of brewing. Diving Fox will gently push your comfort level. A toasty malt sweetness with citrus and tropical fruit notes that will make you crazy like a fox for India Pale Ale!

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