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April 2, 2019
Analog Brewing

Shadow Banish

Irish-style stout fermented with Californian Syrah grape-must and co-fermented with wild yeast.

Born Colorado / Paddy’s BBQ & Brewery

Hi Cutie

This lovely ale is the brain child of Born Colorado Brewing’s Wade Brown and Paddy’s Dan Lake – two individuals whose bromance has blossomed more than the magnolias in May. All jokes aside – this raspberry wheat ale was finished with a steeped mint tea, providing a refreshing and complimenting stack of flavors with every sip. We suggest you stop what you are currently doing and head down to our taproom, you won’t be mad you did.

Born Colorado

Winter Gose Bye Bye


Bid farewell while you sip on this strawberry rhubarb Gose. Fast-forward to warmer days, patio sippin’ and sunshine late into the evening.

Ol Beautiful

Okami Kasu – Japanese Ale

Taking inspiration from Japanese-style lagers, this ale includes a substantial portion of rice which gives it a unique and silky mouthfeel.  Sake Kasu (rice leftover from sake production) is added to give the beer a subtle hint of boozy, creamy funk in the finish.

Origin / Paddy’s Collab

Choka IPA

The first collaboration with Origina & Paddy’s BBQ & Brewery.
Loaded with juicy Aussie and kiwi hops, restrained bitterness and of course,
100% Origin malt.


Manchester Sunrise

Brewed with Lemon, Lime, Blood Orange and lactose; it’s a tropical fruit bomb!


Melon Haze Pale Ale

An approachable take on the popular NEIPA style, with a lower ABV and bitterness. The pillowy body and the huell melon hops provide this beer with a juicy honeydew and melon profile.

Eighty Eight Brewing

Night Gallery

The Night Gallery was the pinnacle of Calgary’s music scene for the better part of two decades.  Didn’t matter if you were a punk, raver or prep, if you enjoyed live music, you belonged.  This NEPA was crafted with the same wide-ranging appeal, ‘cuz it doesn’t matter what you like as long as you get down.

Establishment Brewing Co.


German Pilsner – Lager with floral hops and bready malts

Victoria Park


Static Effect NEIPA

Banded Peak

Batch 500 Brett Saison

Trolley 5

Betty White


88 Brewing

Some Kind of Beautiful

Ol Beautiful

Okami Kasu Japanese Ale

Blood Brothers

Sartorius Vindictum

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